This is a possible outcome and now I’m testing it. I’ll make an online version first and then switch to a physical one. I’ll write a poem about the moth’s life according to the materials I’ve collected and then create interaction to narrate it to the audience. When audiences enter the website, they can only see darkness and hear sounds around them. There are also moths who fly and reproduce, but will be attracted to the light which is constantly changing according to light data in the real world. The more moths gathered around the light, the more distorted the sound. When the audience walks close to the light and captured moths, they can hear distorted sounds.

Test Video


I use genetic algorithms to create a moth population and simulate the impact of light on it because I’d like to show the whole process of a moth’s life including how they are captured by light and evolve to escape it. This allows the audience to immersively experience the imperceptible effects of light pollution around the world.